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Oracle Applications: Frequently Asked Questions

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1 What is AOL
A. It's Application Object Library.

2 What are the features of AOL(Application Object Library)?
A. 1.Registering Concurrent Programs with Oracle Apps. 2.Building Menus. 3.Building Flexfields. 4.Enabling Zoom. 5.Building Message Dictionary. 6.Registering Tables with Oracle Apps. 7.Registering Forms with Oracle Apps.

3 What are the features of System Administration?
A. 1. Manage Oracle Applications security.
2. Manage Concurrent programs & Reports.
3. Manage Concurrent processing.
4. Manage Printers.
5. Manage Profile Options.
6. Manage Document Sequences

4 What is a Concurrent Program?
A. An instance of an execution file, along with parameter definitions and incompatibilities. Several concurrent programs may use the same execution file to perform their specific tasks, each having different parameters.

5 What is a Concurrent Program Executable?
A. An executable is file that performs a specific task. The file may be a program written in a language like C, java, a reporting tool or an operating system language(host).

6 What is a Concurrent Request?
A. A request to run a concurrent program.

7 What is a Concurrent Process ?
A. An instance of a running concurrent program.

8 What is a Concurrent Manager ?
A. A program that manages and processes userís requests and concurrent programs.

9 What is a Concurrent Queue ?
A. List of concurrent requests awaiting processed by a concurrent manager.

10 What is the difference between a Request group and a Request set ?
A. A request group is a collection of concurrent programs or request sets. And it controls the user access to concurrent programs and request sets. Where as
Request sets define run and print options,parameter values, for a collection of concurrent programs.

11 What are different types of validations for Value Sets?
A. 1. None
2. Independent
3. Dependent
4. Table
5. Special
6. Pair
7. Translatable Independent
8. Translatable Dependent

12 What are profile options?
A. A profile is a collection of changeable options that affect the way your applications run.

13 At how many levels we can set the user profiles?
A. Six(6). They are 1. Site
2. Application
3. Responsibility
4. User
5. Server
6. Organization

14 Which user profile has the highest precedence?
A. User.

15 How many types of profile options are there?
A. Two(2). And they are System and User profile options.

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